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Date 19-8-2011
Number DISI-TR-11-09
Title CASL-MDL, modelling dynamic systems with a formal foundation and a UML-like notation
Authors Christine Choppy, Gianna Reggio
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E-mail gianna.reggio@disi.unige.it
Link http://softeng.disi.unige.it/tech-rep/CASLML.pdf
Abstract In this paper we present a part of Casl-Mdl, a visual mod- elling notation based on Casl-Ltl (an extension for dynamic system of the algebraic specification language Casl). The visual constructs of Casl-Mdl have been borrowed from the UML, thus existing editors may be used. A Casl-Mdl model is a set of diagrams but it corresponds to a Casl-Ltl specification, thus Casl-Mdl is a suitable means to eas- ily read and write large and complex Casl-Ltl specifications. We use as a running example a case study that describes the functioning of a consortium of associations.
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