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Date 24-3-2011
Number DISI-TR-11-02
Title The PM2-Tetrahedral Tree
Authors Leila De Floriani, Riccardo Fellegara, Paola Magillo
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E-mail magillo@disi.unige.it
Link ftp://ftp.disi.unige.it/person/MagilloP/PDF/pm2-tree_v0.8_final.pdf
Abstract The Tetrahedral Tree is a family of spatial indexes for tetrahedral meshes presented in [De Floriani, Fellegara, Magillo, "Spatial indexing on tetrahedral meshes", ACM Int. Conf. in Advances in Geographic Information Systems, 2010] and [Fellegara, "Tetrahedal Trees: Progettazione e sviluppo di indici spaziali per griglie di tetraedri", Master thesis, DISI, Univ. of Genova, 2010]. This family contains four spatial indexes: PR-T Tree, PM-T Tree, PMR-T tree, and C_T Tree, and the related software library implements the corresponding subdivision criteria, as well as two space subdivision policies: octree and kdtree. Here, we add a new spatial index to such family, that we call a PM2-T Tree, which is a variation of a PM-T Tree. The aim is lowering the storage cost and making spatial queries more efficient. In this document, we present the PM2-T Tree, we provide a detailed description of related algorithms, and we present experimental comparisons with previously implemented spatial indexes. Finally, we draw some concluding remarks.
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