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Date 25-10-2010
Number DISI-TR-10-10
Title Tagging Domain Ontologies with WordNet Domains
Authors Angela Locoro
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E-mail locoro@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/LocoroA/download/DISI-TR-10-10.pdf
Abstract The use of WordNet Domains is confined in the present days to Text Mining field. This paper introduces an innovative approach exploiting WordNet Domains for automatically tagging both ontologies and their concepts with domains labels as a way to assign to conceptual models their intended topic. Making linguistic domain knowledge explicitly available as a lexico-semantic layer for ontologies and concepts may prove useful in many scenarios where a scaffolding mechanism for managing ontological content is necessary. Topic-related and hierachical classification in search tools, linguistic analysis of ontology concepts for ontology engineering and evolution tasks as well as ontology matching methodologies, able to detect sets of matching candidates, all could gain benefits from our approach. The prototype design and implementation of a domain disambiguation methodology upon which experiments have been conducted and promising results have been obtained are presented. Suggestions on application scenarios for our approach are then envisioned.
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