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Date 4-11-2009
Number DISI-TR-09-06
Title A set of tools for representing, decomposing and visualizing non-manifold cellular complexes
Authors Leila De Floriani, Daniele Panozzo, Annie Hui
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E-mail panozzo@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/PanozzoD/papers/DISI-TR-09-06.pdf
Abstract Modeling and understanding complex non-manifold shapes is a key issue in shape analysis and retrieval. The topological structure of a non-manifold shape can be analyzed through its decomposition into a collection of components with a simpler topology. Here, we consider a decomposition of a non-manifold shape into components which are almost manifolds, and we present a novel graph representation which highlights the non-manifold singularities shared by the components as well as their connectivity relations. We describe an algorithm for computing the decomposition and its associated graph representation. We present a new tool for visualizing the shape decomposition and its graph as an effective support to modeling, analyzing and understanding non-manifold shapes. We describe a new data structure for non-manifold simplicial complex that we used in our decomposition software and we provide a complete description of all functionalities of the library we developed.
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