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Date 12-3-2008
Number DISI-TR-08-04
Title Monitoring and Diagnosing Railway Signalling with Rule-Based Distributed Agents
Authors V. Mascardi, D. Briola, M. Martelli, R. Caccia, C. Milani
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Abstract This paper describes an ongoing project that involves DISI, the Computer Science Department of Genova University, and Ansaldo Segnalamento Ferroviario, the Italian leader in design and construction of signalling and automation systems for conventional and high speed railway lines and mass transits. The projectís target is to implement a MAS that monitors processes running in a railway signalling plant, detects functioning anomalies, provides diagnoses for explaining them, and early notifies problems to the Command and Control System Assistance. The MAS is in its early design stages, but its architecture has been already devised. Due to the intrinsic rule-based nature of monitoring and diagnostic agents, a declarative, rule-based language is extremely suitable for their implementation. The tool that will be employed for building a first MAS prototype is DCaseLP, a multi-language prototyping environment developed at DISI, that provides libraries for integrating both Prolog and JESS agents into the JADE development environment.
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