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Date 16-4-2007
Number DISI-TR-07-04
Title Fast Text Prediction in Wtx: the FTL rule
Authors Gianluca Quercini
Bibtex Entry @TechReport{DISI-TR-07-04, author = {Gianluca Quercini},year={2007},title={Fast Text Prediction in W
E-mail quercini@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/QuerciniG/publications/DISI-TR-07-04.pdf
Abstract Text entry strongly limits the interaction with mobile devices such as cellular phones and PDAs. As a result, the sheer potential carried by them risks remaining unexploited. In principle, handwriting recognition is the more suitable solution, as the interaction with mobile devices typically takes place with a tiny pen. However, several users are still reluctant to use this technology, as they perceive it inaccurate and uncomfortable. In this scenario, text prediction techniques play an important role, witnessed by the success gained by T9 on cellular phones. Wtx, the text entry tool for PDAs developed at Disi, exploits text prediction like T9 does, but with some differences. In particular, text prediction is improved by FTL rule, that requires users to comply with a new way of writing words.
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