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Date 10-1-2007
Number DISI-TR-06-21
Title A Comparison of Upper Ontologies
Authors Viviana Mascardi, Valentina Cordì, Paolo Rosso
Bibtex Entry @TECHREPORT{Mascardi-Cordi-Rosso-tech-report, author = {V. Mascardi and V. Cord\'\i\ and P. Rosso
E-mail mascardi@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/MascardiV/Download/DISI-TR-06-21.pdf
Abstract Upper Ontologies are quickly becoming a key technology for integrating heterogeneous knowledge coming from different sources. In this technical report we analyse 7 Upper Ontologies, namely BFO, Cyc, DOLCE, GFO, PROTON, Sowa’s ontology, and SUMO, according to a set of standard software engineering criteria, and we synthesise our analysis in form of a comparative table. A summary of some existing comparisons drawn among subsets of the 7 Upper Ontologies that we deal with in this document, is also provided.
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