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Technical Report Details

Date 10-6-2006
Number DISI-TR-06-09
Title A Semantic Web System for Understanding and Reasoning on Digital Shapes
Authors Laura Papaleo
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E-mail papaleo@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/PapaleoL
Abstract In a context in which there is a growing interest in exploiting the potential of the Semantic Web in Shape Modeling applications, there is a general lack of tools able to analyse, structure and understand digital shapes for easily populating repositories with complete and well-detailed shape models. We present the design details of our innovative system, for inspecting geometrical and topological information from digital shapes and for structuring and annotating these shapes using ontology-driven metadata. We outline also different application frameworks of such a tool and remark some interesting future research directions we have identified.
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