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Date 18-1-2006
Number DISI-TR-06-01
Title From AUML to WS-BPEL
Authors Giovanni Casella, Viviana Mascardi
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Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/MascardiV/Download/DISI-TR-06-01.pdf
Abstract The Web Services (WS) technology is currently gaining a wider and wider consensus. The features that characterise WSs, namely heterogeneity, distribution, openness, highly dynamic interactions, are some among the key characteristics of another emerging technology, that of intelligent agents and Multi-Agent Systems (MASs). In this paper we discuss the relationships between WSs and intelligent agents and we propose our point of view, namely that agents provide both the coordination framework and the engineering metaphor that can be exploited for realising complex applications based on the WSs infrastructure. Based on our claim, we suggest to use an agentoriented extension of UML 2.0 named AUML to model agent interaction protocols, and a business protocol execution language for WSs named WS-BPEL, to publish the specification of these protocols on the Web. To demonstrate the feasibility of our approach, we have designed and implemented a tool that automatically creates WS-BPEL and WSDL specifications of interaction protocols starting from AUML visual diagrams.
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