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Date 28-11-2005
Number DISI-TR-05-20
Title DCaseLP: a Prototyping Environment for Multilingual Agent Systems
Authors Ivana Gungui, Maurizio Martelli,Viviana Mascardi
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Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/MascardiV/Download/tech-rep-05-20.pdf
Abstract This paper describes DCaseLP, a multilingual environment for modelling and prototyping Multi-Agent Systems (MASs). DCaseLP provides an Agent- Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) methodology which guides the MAS developer from the late requirement analysis stage to the prototype validation stage and offers a set of languages and tools both for modelling agents, and for developing a prototype of the MAS in a semi-automatic way. Full support for validating the MAS model by running the prototype in a JADE platform is offered. DCaseLP has been used to develop an e-commerce application, thus demonstrating the advantages of rapid prototyping in AOSE. Keywords. Multi-Agent System, Multilinguality, Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, Rapid Prototyping.
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