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Date 29-8-2005
Number DISI-TR-05-10
Title A Semantic Information Retrieval Advertisement and Policy Based System for a P2P Network
Authors Giovanna Guerrini, Viviana Mascardi, Marco Mesiti
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Abstract Semantic routing of queries in P2P systems has recently gained increasing attention, since it allows to considerably improve effectiveness and accuracy of data retrieval. A common assumption of existing systems, however, is that a peer, when it is connected to the network, is unconditionally available to share its resources with anyone interested in them. In this paper we take a more exible approach, proposing an enhanced P2P system that incorporates peer sharing policies, which allow a peer to state, for each of the concepts it deals with, the conditions under which it is available to share resources and process requests related to that concept. Such conditions may include conditions on the credentials of the peer submitting the request, as well as temporal conditions and conditions on the internal and network load of the peer. The semantic routing approach, based on advertisements and peer behavior in answering previous requests, takes into account peer sharing policies as well.
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