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Date 15-3-2005
Number DISI-TR-04-12
Title Morphology-based Representation of Topographic Surfaces : a Survey
Authors Lidija Comic, Leila De Floriani, Laura Papaleo, Emanuele Danovaro
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E-mail papaleo@disi.unige.it
Abstract In this report, we consider the problem of extracting representing morphological information, such as critical points, characteristic lines or regions from scalar fields. This is a very relevant issue for developing automatic tools for specifying, detecting and extracting knowledge from scientific data sets, such as terrain data or volume data sets based, for instance, on decompositions of the field domain into regions with uniform gradient characteristics or on decompositions guided by the topology of the iso-lines or iso-surfaces. The knowledge of the morphology of the field can be also used to guide simplification tools to produce accurate compact descriptions of the field.
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