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Date 11-5-2005
Number DISI-TR-05-06
Title A Pretty Flexible API for Generic Peer-to-Peer Programming
Authors Giuseppe Ciaccio
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E-mail ciaccio@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/CiaccioG/neblo_api_tr0506.pdf
Abstract NEBLO is a library and runtime system based on a structured overlay network. The API presented by NEBLO offers simple primitives and powerful mechanisms for programming generic peer-to-peer applications, in a way that is independent from the underlying overlay. The primitives allow the peers to exchange messages with one another in two different patterns, namely, unidirectional and request-response; the latter takes place in a split-phase non-blocking way, so that the application can be made latency-tolerant and thus more performing. The semantics of messages is not defined by NEBLO itself. Rather, a mechanism is offered to the application programmer so as to allow him to write and set up application-level handlers, which are to run upon message arrivals at each peer. The overall behaviour of the application is thus shaped by the handlers, as they define the actions to be carried out when a message arrives to its recipient or passes through an intermediate peer. The API also allows to define application-level handlers for other two typical tasks of any dynamic peer-to-peer system, namely, the migration of overlay addresses across peers after new peer arrivals, and the regeneration of missing overlay addresses after peer departures.
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