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Date 19-3-2004
Number DISI-TR-04-02
Title Discussing the Issues in Security Policies for Spatial Data and Discussing the Issues in Security
Authors Elena Camossi, Sonia Fagorzi and Davide Sobrero
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E-mail sobrero@disi.unige.it
Abstract In spite of its importance, the secure handling of spatial data has not been addressed so far. In this paper we investigate the issues involved by the design of an access control model for spatial data. Specifically, we design an access control model to protect a set of maps in vector format, representing the same geographical area, at the same resolution. We discuss the issues related to the overlay operation that can be performed on such maps. The model is closed, and it combines discretionary and mandatory characteristics. Moreover, we propose some alternatives to the design of the model. In particular, we propose alternative classifications of spatial information and alternative propagation of grants for composed objects and topological information. Finally, we sketch how to handle multirepresented entities, i.e., spatial information represented in more than one map.
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