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Date 1-7-2003
Number DISI-TR-03-09
Title ST_ODMG: A Multigranular Spatiotemporal Extension of ODMG Model
Authors Elena Camossi, Michela Bertolotto, Elisa Bertino, Giovanna Guerrini
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E-mail camossi@disi.unige.it
Abstract A large percentage of data managed by a variety of application domains has spatiotemporal characteristics. Unfortunately, traditional geographical information systems do not allow to easily represent temporal aspects of spatial data. Moreover, they do not usually support the representation of data at multiple levels of detail. In this paper we present a multigranular spatiotemporal data model, that extends the ODMG model with multiple spatial and temporal granularities. In particular, the model allows for a uniform management of two kinds of spatiotemporal objects: moving entities (e.g., cars, planes, etc.) and temporal maps (i.e., maps representing the change over time of a given geographic area). It also provides a framework for mapping the movement of an entity such as a car onto an underlying geographic area. The model we propose relies on a standard definition of temporal granularity. On the other hand, the representation of spatial entities at multiple granularities is obtained by applying model oriented map generalization principles. In particular, we consider a set of generalization operators that guarantee topological consistency and their inverse functions for performing spatial specialization.
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