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Date 12-1-2003
Number DISI-TR-03-01
Title On-line 3D Mosaicing from Range Images: A State of the Art Report
Authors Laura Papaleo, Enrico Puppo
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E-mail papaleo@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/PapaleoL/documentation/DISI-TR-03-01STAR_mosaicing.pdf
Abstract 3D mosaicing consists in building a geometric representation, in the form of of an object or scene, given a set of different views. The representation consists of a surface mesh made of triangles or quadrilaterals. We consider a specific version of this problem, where: input consists of a sequence of range images; and output must be produced on-line, i.e., by building the mosaic frame by frame, through updates that are performed as each new frame comes. We report on existing methods that can be applied to this scenario, by focusing on the problem of building the mesh given the sequence of registered images. We do not report on methods for range image registration, which is regarded as a pre-processing here.
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