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Date 5-3-2016
Number DIBRIS-TR-16-01
Title A Continuous scale-space method for the automated placement of spot heights on maps
Authors Luigi Rocca, Bernhard Jenny, and Enrico Puppo
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E-mail rocca@dibris.unige.it
Abstract Spot heights and soundings explicitly indicate terrain elevation on cartographic maps. Cartographers have developed design principles for the manual selection, placement, labeling, and generalization of spot height locations, but these processes are work-intensive and expensive. This article proposes a life-time of critical points in a continuous scale-space model as the main criterion for the automated extraction of spot height locations from digital elevation models, and describes an algorithm and a data structure for its computation. Extraction with the proposed method only requires two numeric parameters to be set. We also introduce a method for the comparison of algorithmically computed spot height locations with manually produced reference compilations. The new continuous scale-space method is compared with two known methods from the literature, and we show that the new method produces spot height locations that are closer to reference spot heights produced manually by swisstopo cartographers. The introduced method can be applied to elevation models for the creation of topographic and bathymetric maps. It also measures the importance of extracted spot height locations, which allows for a variation in the size of symbols and labels according to the significance of represented features.
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