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Technical Report Details

Date 25-8-2014
Number DIBRIS-TR-14-06
Title Android Permissions Unleashed (Technical Report)
Authors Alessandro Armando, Gabriele Costa, Roberto Carbone
Bibtex Entry @TechReport{Armando14AndroidTR, author = {A. Armando and G. Costa and R. Carbone}, title = {{Andro
E-mail gabriele.costa@unige.it
Link http://www.ai-lab.it/costa/publications/techrep.pdf
Abstract In the last years Android received major attention from the security community and many researchers provided evidences that the actual protection, for both users and applications, is inadequate. As a consequence, several authors proposed alternative security frameworks in order to improve the overall quality of protection. However, most of them redefine the security framework from scratch and are hardly portable on real devices. In this paper we consider a different perspective. Indeed, we investigate whether better security guarantees can be provided to Android devices without changing its basic structure. In particular, we focus on enhancing the existing permissions system and the permissions verification frame- work. We present a SAT-based permission verification approach that can be actually applied by installing few, application-level components. Moreover, since we reuse the existing permissions, our proposal can be easily exploited by developers since it does not require them to acquire new expertise.
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