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Date 14-3-2013
Number DISI-TR-13-02
Title Downsize the UML: a Preliminary Survey Detecting the Used Constructs - Full version
Authors Gianna Reggio, Maurizio Leotta, Filippo Ricca, Diego Clerissi
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E-mail gianna.reggio@unige.it
Link http://softeng.disi.unige.it/TR/DownsizeUMLComplete.pdf
Abstract UML is a large notation offering many diagrams and a large set of constructs covering any possible modelling need. As a result its specification is a huge book, its metamodel is large, and defining / understanding its static and dynamic semantics is difficult. These features have a negative impact on the perception of the UML and lead in some cases to replace it by ad-hoc lean and simple DSLs. On the other hand, people naturally tend to downsize UML considering only a part of its constructs. Thus, the following question arises: which is the essential UML? We would like to answer to this questions by means of a survey, trying to detect which parts of the UML are the most used. To see if a construct is used we preliminarily investigate books, courses\tutorials, and tools covering UML. The survey results should help to downsize the UML.
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