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Research topic: Design and foundations of object-oriented and component-based languages 


Language design, Types, Semantics, Object-oriented paradigm, Component-based programming, Modules and separate compilation, Dynamic software evolution


  • definition of typed calculi providing the formal underpinnings for the design and implementation of components systems which support code reuse, adaptation, and dynamic evolution; 
  • analysis and formalization of features in object-oriented languages;
  • design, formalization and implementation of extensions of object-oriented languages which improve expressive power, code reuse and extensibility, while mantaining type safety: notably,  mixin modules and classes,  polymorphic methods, and dynamic object re-classification (collaboration with University of Torino and Imperial College, London);
  • type systems supporting compositional analysis and their application to the development of innovative compilation and linking techniques for Java-like languages (collaboration with University of Torino and Imperial College, London).


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