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Research topic: Computational Reflection


Computational Reflection, Reflective Object-Oriented Programming, Open Implementation, Separation of Concerns, Security, Reflective Middleware, Software Engineering, Software Architecture, UML and Reflective Pattern


  • Reflective Middleware. Designing and development of a reflective middleware supporting multicast RMI and communication-oriented reflection (collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology).
  • Security and Reflection. Separation of the security aspect from the rest of the system via reflective mechanisms (collaboration with Florida Atlantic University).
  • Architectural Reflection. Development of a methodology for dynamic reconfiguring nonstopping system through the reification of their design information (collaborations with University of Milano Bicocca, and University College London).
  • Reflective Development Metodology. Development of a metodology (based on patterns and UML) which allows to design reflective systems (collaborations with University of Milano Bicocca and Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg).
  • Reflective Paradigm and Compilers. We are developing a simple programming environment which validates the idea that reflection is a system level concept and not a language feature.