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Research areas

Browse the following list of research areas. Click on an area title for a list of current research topics.

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Artificial intelligence
Agents and multiagent systems; knowledge representation techniques and languages based on computational logic; automated learning; foundations of the statistical theory of learning; pattern classification and clustering; applications such as text/image retrieval and bioinformatics.
Computer algebra
Symbolic calculus for manipulating and solving systems of polynomial equations; mathematical aspects of cryptography and code theory.
Databases and information systems
Models and architectures for object oriented, deductive,with constraints, active and temporal data bases; handling XML documents; data bases and the Web; security problems; geographical information systems; data warehousing; data mining, knowledge management.
Geometric modeling and computer graphics
Solid modeling; terrain modeling and map modeling for Geographical Information Systems; scientific visualization; virtual reality and visual simulation; computational geometry.
Image processing
Methods for image reconstruction; tomography; applications in medicine; applications in astronomy with special reference to new generation telescopes; reconstruction and analysis of microscope images; 3-D reconstruction; analysis of image sequences; 3-D objects recognition.
Parallel and distributed systems
Cluster computing and network computing; distributed systems for data storage; security; implementation of prototypes; performance evaluation; mobile systems; wireless networks.
Programming languages
Design, foundations and extensions of modular and object-oriented languages (Java); separate compilation, dynamic linking and multi-stage programming; computational reflection and constructs for metaprogramming; language models, calculi and semantics; type theory and type systems.
Software development methods
Software engineering; development techniques for component-based, distributed, mobile and multiagent systems; visual notations (UML and beyond); rapid prototyping of multiagent systems with logic programming techniques; automatic protocol verification; integration of formal methods into "best practices".

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