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Research laboratories

The VICOlab (Laboratory for VIsual COmputing), located on the 3rd floor (rooms 314 and 321), hosts about 20 high performance PCs and workstations and two setups for 3-D reconstrution. The research activity at VICO Lab focuses on computer graphics and geometric modeling, image restoration in medicine and astronomy, statistical learning and computer vision, neural networks and soft computing.
The Database Laboratory hosts 5 workstations and it is located on the 2nd floor (room 211). It is dedicated to a research activity in the field of object oriented databases, active databases, temporal databases, web information retrieval, datawarehousing, data mining.
The CC-lab (Cluster Computing Laboratory) hosts 12 PC with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure. It is located on the 3rd floor (room 319). The research activity is focused on cluster computing, communication protocols, distribute storage devices, security.
The Wireless Laboratory .....
The Operating Systems Laboratory contains 8 PCs and workstations running Linux, Windows or both, and the actual configuration follows current research and thesis projects. Users are students and newgraduates who work under the supervision of M. Ancona, G. Dodero and V. Gianuzzi.