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Department information for visitors

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Welcome to our Department. In order to facilitate your stay here, please be aware of the following information.


Weekday hours

Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 19:00


The department is closed. There are security alarms throughout the building, so please be aware that the only available entry is the 5th floor entrance by the reception. The door on the right can be opened by a magnetic card. The left door is connected to the central alarm system, so please open only the right door. Use that door also to leave the building.

To enter the department you must use a magnetic card. It is obtained by submitting a request form to the director with a 10.00 &euro deposit, which will be refunded when you return the card.

You can find the forms in the secretary's office (room 227, 2nd floor). Please be careful with the badge and the keys. If you lose them you must report it to the Carabinieri, and your deposit will not be refunded.

Please remember to always lock your study room and the lecture rooms.



  1. The photocopier and fax are on the 2nd floor, room 224. The available printer will be the nearest to your office.
  2. To make photocopies you must have a photocopy card; you can get it by filling out a request form in the secretary's office, 2nd floor, room 227.
  3. Please do not touch the cables of the fax, printer and photocopier. If you have a problem, please call for assistance.
  4. Please do not try to operate the machines until you know the correct procedure. If you try to operate them without knowing how you could cause damage.
  5. Please do not photocopy or fax papers with fresh `white-out' corrector on them because this causes problems.
  6. If the paper gets stuck inside a machine, please call for assistance from either the secretaries or the technicians (6619). They will show you how to dislodge the paper.
  7. Please pay attention when you refill the paper in the machines (always separate the sheets by flipping them on each side); if it is the first time ask the secretaries or the technicians (6619) to help you.
  8. When a problem persists, please ask for assistance.
  9. If you are printing a large file, please break it into small sections (e.g. of 25/30 pages) not to overload the printing queue.


The visitors' office telephones can:
  • Receive telephone calls
  • Make local calls (dialling zero before the number) and calls inside the University (dialling the last four numbers)
  • Make international calls or long-distance calls|but please ask your host first for clearance.


The Common Room is on the 3rd floor, available to anyone who has the common key. You can use the microwave oven or prepare tea or coffee on the stove. Cooking is not allowed.

Everyone has a designated space and must bring his own kitchenware; please keep the area tidy and do not leave items too long in the refrigerator. The necessary common items (dish washing detergent, coffee, loose sugar, etc.) are bought in turn by the people using them. The water glasses, tablecloths and napkins are provided free of charge by the Department.

In the common room there is an espresso machine that uses tablets. These tablets are sold in the secretary's oce (room 227 - 2nd floor) and two of them cost 0.62 &euro. We recommend that you buy a package of ten (3.10 &euro). The sugar bags and the coffee glasses are provided as a service only for the people who buy the coffee tablets.


You can receive your mail in a mail box that is located in room 223, 2nd floor. However, this is not a private box and may be shared with others. The room can be unlocked by the common key.

When sending mail, please note the following:

  • Write the number `13' on the top right corner.
  • Write your name, followed by your host's name, on the top left corner
  • If your mail is addressed to the University of Genova, you must post it in the "university mail" (=posta interna).
  • For all the other destinations, use "outgoing mail" (=posta esterna).
  • To use DHL, ask the secretaries (room 227 - 2nd floor) for envelopes and forms.

You must clear it with your host and the secretaries about any extraordinary mailing, such as parcels, priority mail or DHL pickup.


You can use the university parking areas, but you need a parking sticker that can be obtained from the secretaries in room 227, 2nd floor. Be sure to write your license plate number on the form.

The magnetic card that unlocks the main entrance can also raise the parking bar to let you in or out when the parking attendant is not there.


The secretaries are always at your disposal for anything you may need.

For any problem you may have, please contact:

Secretary's office (6622)
e-mail: peghini@disi.unige.it
in cc: montanari@disi.unige.it
and your host@disi.unige.it

Technicians' office (6619)
e-mail: sysop@disi.unige.it (especially for technical problems)
in cc: your host@disi.unige.it

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!