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Seminar Details

Date 14-7-2010
Time 14:30
Room/Location DISI-Sala conferenze 3 piano
Title A Proposed Next-Generation Telecom Service Innovation Model
Speaker Prof. Eng Chew
Affiliation Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney
Link http://www.eng.uts.edu.au/
Abstract Telecommunications (telecom) is a complex technology-based service industry. Contemporary telecom service industry, while highly customer-oriented, tends to be viewed from a product-centered perspective. This presentation reflects on the telecom service industry and its future trends from a service-centered perspective. It uses the emerging service science concepts and principles to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of service at the heart of telecom industry. From these service-centered insights, an initial set of requirements for a proposed next-generation telecom service innovation model is described. The framework of the proposed model is then described which is derived from the industry-standardized telecom business operations, eTOM, the next-generation network (NGN) architecture and recent advances made by global leading telecom service providers. The next-generation telecom service innovation model is centered on collaborative innovation, particularly customer collaboration. This has implications for the businesses of not only the telecom service providers and their customers but also the telecom technology vendors, systems integrators and third party software developers in general.
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