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Seminar Details

Date 27-3-2008
Time 13:30
Room/Location 214, al DISI - 2 piano
Title Face recognition from human to machine
Speaker Dott. Massimo Tistarelli
Affiliation UniversitÓ di Sassari
Abstract Face recognition is among the most challenging techniques for personal identity verification. Even though it is so natural for humans, there are still many hidden mechanisms which are still to be discovered. According to the most recent neurophysiological studies, the use of dynamic information is extremely important for humans in visual perception of biological forms and motion. Moreover, motion processing is also involved in the selection of the most informative areas of the face and consequently directing the attention. This lecture provides an overview and some new insights on the use of dynamic visual information for face recognition, both for exploiting the temporal information and to define the most relevant areas to be analyzed on the face. In this context, both physical and behavioral features emerge in the face representation.
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